Hello! I'm Amanda. A little over two years ago I had 50 extra pounds on my 5-foot-1 body. I loved "junk" food and I loved being lazy. I was so content living my life that way but I did not love the way it left me feeling. At one point, something clicked and I found an amazing surge of motivation to do something about my unhappiness. I decided to change my life around and commit myself to a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and proper nutrition. Two years later, with voracious determination and a lot of soul searching, I am in the best shape of my life and extremely happy with the growth I have done physically and mentally.

This blog is my outlet to assess my new lifestyle, see my progress, grapple with the struggles I still incur and continue my journey to find peace within myself. As a product of a positive lifestyle overhaul, I hope my story and struggles could inspire and motivate others to work towards their goals to be happier... because it CAN BE DONE!!

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Sometimes I take a 10 min break and deadlift this puppy. I’m nervous about swinging without a personal trainer around because I definitely need guidance for swings.

Seriously, have you tried them yet? Kettle bell workouts are serious business. Form is of utmost importance and it’s so difficult to master, but I’m definitely obsessed.

I’m definitely lifting this with my legs here, and I assure you my spine is neutralized,┬áso don’t worry. I just wanted to take this picture.

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